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Install the NuGet package by searching for Yammer in the Nuget Package Manager UI in Visual Studio, or by typing Install-Package Yammer.Oss.Api in the Package Manager Console.

This will install the Yammer SDK libraries together with a few dependencies.

Note: there are a few instances where not all the packages will get installed, if that’s the case, you can add them manually by right-clicking in the ‘References’ folder of your project, click on ‘Add a Reference’. Then you can browse to the packages folder (usually at the same level of the solution file), go into the packages\Yammer.Oss.Api\lib\{platform}\{configuration} and add the files manually.

The Core files need to be added too and they are found in \packages\Yammer.Oss.Api\lib\portable-net45+netcore45+wp8+win8\{configuration}.

Use Release as the preferred {configuration} value.

The code samples included in this projects show how to use the different features of Yammer through the SDK.Yammer offers a lot of features and the best source of information is the yammer developer website and the developers network. The documentation here is by no means complete, and it’ll be periodically updated as new sample code is made available and/or the development community provides feedback.

This document is divided  in the following sections (some of them are still a work in progress)


  1. Register your App in Yammer
  2. Initialize the SDK
  3. OAuth2 Process
    • Windows 8
      • Standard Process
      • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Windows Phone 8
  4. Getting the User Information
  5. Using OpenGraph Objects (documentation pending)
  6. Sending/Receiving Messages (documentation pending)
  7. Uploading files/Attachments (documentation pending)


  • Register Your App In Yammer

Follow the instructions described here to register your new Application in Yammer.

Once you’re ready to start coding, you need to install the nuget package in your app, initialize the app and follow the instructions to let the users authenticate and authorize your application in their profile.

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